Our Story

Golden Editions was created by Sara Efia Reddin who grew up surrounded by her Ghanaian Mother's passionate craft collection. The basketry, leather goods, sculptures in wood or bronze, and beautiful woven or printed cloths, these items decorated everyday and became part of her heritage. Sara Efia always dreamt of creating a brand that would highlight the amazing craftsmanship from her Mother's country.

The aim of Golden is to work closely with makers to create contemporary pieces that pay tribute to timeless craft in Ghana, that light up your home and develop rural communities.

Our design studio and finishing workshop is based outside Paris near Fontainebleau.

Sara Efia Reddin

Londoner turned Parisian Sara Efia Reddin was educated in Textiles Design at Central StMartins School. Sara Efia worked firstly as a Textiles and Leather Goods designer. Later, her handbag collection sold to stores such as Colette in Paris and Browns in London.

Since moving to Paris in 2003 she has worked as a design consultant, creating collections of accessories, textiles and homewares for many clients including Maison Sarah Lavoine, Tai Ping Carpets, Peclers Paris, and a rug collection for Toulemonde Bochart.

Here she is pictured in Bolgatanga with her Ghanaian based assistant Gifty and one of the supervisors of the workshop Simon.

The basket weavers in Bolgatanga

We work with two weaving communities in Bolgatanga, one of them is supervised by a couple who also run a charitable association supporting women’s health and education. The weaving of the lamps has been a great challenge allowing the weavers to earn more and develop their skills. Workers are guaranteed good pay, we also help them to develop their business by partnering with other companies (see projects).

The kente weavers in Volta Region

The Kente weaving association we work with is based in the Volta Region of Ghana and is tucked away outside the town of Ho, the Ewe Kente weavers are reknown for their tight luxury fabrics in colourful geometrics. The centre is run by Thompson a Master Weaver and chairman of the Kente Weaving association. In the centre he trains younger weavers and supervises the other master weavers in the community. He has partnered with a local tailor to finish our cushions.

Our Initiatives in the Weaving communities:

- Financial help with the creation of a weaving centre
- Training in making new products for disadvantaged communities.
- Christmas bonuses for all weavers